Notes on Mediumship II – How to Find Out if You're a Medium

By: Fraternidade Aymoriana

Notes on Mediumship II – How to Find Out if You're a Medium

ÇHow to Find Out if Someone is a Medium

There are no physical signs that can reveal mediumship, however, some mediums may have their health worsened by uncontrolled mediumship, however, in no way can we create a rule to stereotype a medium. The Etheric Body or Etheric Double, composed of the four most subtle sub-planes of the physical plane, can indicate mediumship, however, only clairvoyant mediums can access this plane. Ramatís says in the book "Elucidations of the Beyond" that the Etheric Double of a medium is inclined, allowing easier access to the spiritual plane. We could not find another reference to this topic, however, it is possible that this occurs, but I believe that this inclination is linked to certain types of mediumship, especially those that demand donation of ectoplasm by the medium. But let's get to the main subject of this topic - How to find out if you are a medium?? Mediumship does not appear suddenly, it manifests itself for a long time in a smooth way (in most cases) and becomes intense to the point where the person has to assume that he has some kind of sensitivity, which he cannot explain. , but that is extremely real to her.
We can't create rules, however, we can give you some tips to evaluate what you're feeling:

• Try not to be afraid of the sensations you have, this is the worst thing to do. Start observing the periodicity, intensity and how each sensation happens.
• Be impartial, being a medium is not synonymous with salvation or perdition, it is a path to be followed, so don't try to feel “things”, if you are a medium, the sensations will be repeated. Trying to force them is just as bad or worse than being afraid, because you can attract mocking, playful spirits.
• Seeing a spirit is not synonymous with being a medium. As Allan Kardec himself informs in the Mediums' Book, the regularity and repetition of the phenomenon indicate mediumship.
There are cases of recently dead spirits who insist on saying goodbye to those who were dear to them and that is why they may appear to say their last goodbyes. This event does not indicate that the incarnated spirit received a hypersensitization in order to be able to get in touch with the spiritual plane.
• Don't worry initially about developing mediumship, try to study, get to know, attend some center, let things happen naturally.
• Don't look for places that “Free Your Mediumship” or that do “Awaken Mediumship” exercises or passes. Mediumship appears naturally and is latent in the spirit that has the commitment to exercise it.

At the right time it will appear and as Allan Kardec himself informs in the Mediums' Book, it must develop naturally through the medium's balance and refinement.
If you are reading this article because you are worried or because you feel some “things”, some “things” that you cannot explain and that make you extremely scared, then you are a good candidate to be a medium.
When the time comes for mediumship to "bloom" it appears and cannot be denied by the medium, although some make an enormous effort to deceive themselves. In the next topic we will talk more about the emergence of mediumship.